fraisage mécanique
// Mechanics design

Machining: turning, milling

Design and manufacture of front panels
Design of machined parts and sheet metal assemblies
Study of the integration of the cards in their boxes
Mechanics assembly
Integration of sensors
Electrical cabinets
3D printing in filaments and resin
Precision mechanics
// Precision mechanics

Linking electronics and mechanics

DK Innovation has acquired new complementary conventional and numerical control tools. This allows us to meet your needs in their entirety.

Our production workshop is specialized in machining, turning and milling and can design and manufacture parts or mechanical assemblies by the unit in prototyping phase or in small and medium series.

Within the framework of a global project, DK Innovation can thus integrate electronics into the mechanics designed on our premises, thus limiting iterations and optimizing production times.

// dk innovation - energy

From design to machining

The printed circuits that make up electronic boards must adapt to the mechanical constraints of the system they equip. Thus, DK Innovation’s design office develops the mechanics of your innovative products while ensuring that the technical and financial constraints of your projects are respected.

Moreover, our experts accompany you from machining to the integration of your electronic boards and systems in their mechanical assemblies.